Photo Shoots - chrisbanks

On-Track Photo Shoots will be done each race weekend upon availability. Upon submission of this form, please arrive the next race weekend as early to the opening of the pit gates as you can. This will ensure you can get your photo shoot completed before practice begins or we run out of space. There are a few big weekends coming up which means time and space will be tighter the later it gets. 

There will be three different poses that will be taken and from 2-4 different angles. Crew and family members will be in one of the poses and clothing choice is at the teams' discretion although it is recommended that team colors be worn.

After the Photo Shoot, a private link will be emailed to you to view proofs of your photos and make your decisions as to which photo you would like and in which sizes that correspond to your package selection. Please respond within 48 hours of the link being sent to you.

Payment is requested upon photo shoot arrival. Packages will not be released until payment is received. Photos from photo shoots will not be released to the public. Only teams will have the ability to order multiple copies later on if they choose. All Photo Shoot photos will be kept for further orders. 

Directions to be posted here when they are finalized.