"Hockey From All Angles"

"I can't skate.. but how cool would it be to see what stick-handling through people looks like through the eyes of a hockey player?"

"I wonder what a puck sees during a game.."

"How can crossovers be so easy? I can never stick-handle AND crossover my skates."

"Hockey players are a different breed altogether."

Questions like these have been around since anyone can remember and up until recently, they remained questions. Early January of 2014, New England experienced some peculiar warm weather which resulted in an entire day of rain. Following this rain was a Polar Vortex, commonly called the 2014 North American Cold Wave. This Polar Vortex was a stream of polar cold air that came down from Alaska and Northern Canada. For almost 5 full days the highest temperature during the day was 12 degrees Fahrenheit and at night the temperature dropped at its lowest point -15 degrees Fahrenheit. A full day of 50 degrees and rain, followed by 5 days of record breaking cold made Sandy Pond in Ayer Massachusetts the perfect glass-like ice every hockey player dreams of. This is when and where Hockey From All Angles began. Chris and his select group of hockey friends all worked together with him to create Hockey From All Angles.