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From the beginning, owner Christopher J. Banks wanted New England Graphix to never need a loan or investor. He was determined to build his company step by step and use what was available and improve when the opportunity presented itself. Four years later New England Graphix has stuck to that code and has made its way to becoming the Official Production Company of Greater Lowell United FC solely through hard work from its owner, Chris.  

Donations of any amount are extremely appreciated and every donation helps New England Graphix stay loan-free. If you leave a way for Chris to contact you after you’ve made your donation, he will personally email you to thank you for it.  

Just as important as donations, are work leads. If you know anyone who is interested in the skills of what New England Graphix has to offer, please mention New England Graphix to them! is our newest email for contacting New England Graphix. Send questions, inquiries, comments, anything you would like to tell New England Graphix because we are always looking to improve!