Christopher J. Banks

* Videographer * Producer * Photographer * Graphic Designer *

Christopher J. Banks is a hockey fanatic. Anyone who knows Chris knows that he is a diehard Boston Bruins fan. He follows everything that has to do with the Bruins and tries to contribute the playing style of Patrice Bergeron to his own playing style. Although hockey has been the sport of choice, Chris has been learning to play other sports as well to become a more well rounded athlete. He loves the spirit of competition and the feeling of being a part of a team and more so as the leader of a team.

“I manage the people who work with me much like a head coach of a hockey team manages his players. Learning which player can land heavy hits when you need them, which players can pick the top corner on the move, which defenseman get nervous with the puck are all things a head coach needs to know. The same applies to me with the people who work for me, if I know what each person can and cannot do then I can be sure to put them into situations where I know they will perform when I need them.”

–Christopher J. Banks


Chris attended high school at Nashoba Valley Technical High School in Westford, Massachusetts and college at the New England Institute of Technology in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. He majored in two fields while in college, Photography and Graphic Design. It wasn't until after his graduation in 2011 that he realized he had a hidden talent to produce videos. Dr.Bennett Neiman PhD was the first person to see this potential and gave him the control to produce his Innovative Creative Thinking seminar. Running completely off instinct, Chris accepted the challenge. A few short months later he had exceeded all expectations with his final product. With this newly confirmed talent, Chris set his sights on video and never looked back.