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Lee USA Speedway's Promotional Photographer

All photos come with a delay of up to 2 days before printing to ensure perfection

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Opening weekend photos will be uploaded at a later date. 

As the racing season started to find a pulse again in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lee USA Speedway invited us to come to the races every Friday to assist in their social media promotion. We're a very creative and excitable group here at New England Graphix and we're more than excited  to work with a local short track doing so much for its fans and race teams. 

If you're a team/driver/owner and would like to talk more about what we could do for you, we'll have a contact form up soon and you can reach out to our Owner/Operator Christopher J. Banks. Chris comes from a racing background and is always up to talk about anything that revolves around racing. 

If you would like one of these photos posted to our Facebook page for you to share, please find us on Facebook and send us a message with the filename and a quick description of the photo and we'll post it! We love to share our work and passion.